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How to upload your entire brain to Google.

Human brain in a jar.
Human brain in a jar.

Some visionary futurists have predicted that in 10 years humans will be able to upload their brains to Google.

Don’t they realize it’s already possible?

1. Start a blog.

2. Sit down and quickly type everything that comes to mind. Everything. Every thought. No matter how profound or absurd or insipid. Continue typing and typing and typing until your poor, exhausted brain is completely out of ideas.

4. Publish your blog.

5. Google will index your blog.

6. Your entire, exhausted brain is uploaded to Google.

The famous Random Poem Generator!

A nightmare or a poem randomly generated.
A nightmare…or a poem randomly generated.

Are you a poet with writer’s block? That blank screen is eating up your innards? Here’s an easy way to create instant poetry!

Generate enough of these bizarre poems and eventually you might get a semi-good one. You’ll certainly get lots of funny and absurd ones.

Should you generate a really brilliant poem, and have it published, don’t forget to credit your faithful computer! And don’t forget to acknowledge the genius of sheer randomness!

A bunch of super cool things on Google Earth.

Island love.
Island love.

Perhaps you won’t see yourself on Google Earth, but you might see your car illegally double parked on the street or your neighbor sunbathing naked! Better yet, you might see any number of the weird and super-interesting things linked on this fascinating website.

Perhaps Google should be called goggle, or ogle. Who knew such bizarre stuff could be found on this planet we fondly call the big blue marble?

Chat with weird computer intelligence.

This computer would like to chat.
This computer would like to chat.

Tired of chatting with humans? Those two-legged creatures are just too darn uninteresting and predictable? Why not converse with a machine? Have a nice conversation with a Jabberwacky bot named George or Joan, or bots created by other users on this clever and original “artificial intelligence” website.

Of course, you can create your own unique bot! The more you chat, the more your bot learns how to mimic you. Kind of like having a doting computerized sidekick.

The resulting chats can be a bit bizarre and nonsensical, but they’ll keep you entertained for a little while, maybe…