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Old man buys nasty poster for retirement home.

Old man selects nasty poster for the retirement home.
Old man selects nasty poster for the retirement home.

Can you believe it? This old man was at the swap meet the other day, barely getting around with a cane. Several people photographed him choosing a nasty poster for his room in a retirement home. Do you think he chose the one on the left, or the one on the right?

Thinking too hard will make your head explode.

Pose often adopted before cranial explosion.
Pose often adopted before cranial explosion.

Don’t think too hard about the strange concept of exploding heads. Because your head might explode.

An article has appeared on MIT’s website detailing a rare electrical imbalance of the brain which can cause one’s head to ignite and rupture, spewing half-baked, bubbling gray matter in every direction.

Yes, a bloody explosion of your electrified brain paints a gruesome picture. It activates one’s morbid imagination. It tends to make one think. But don’t think too hard. You might become the next victim. Please don’t read any further if you detect strange sensations right now in the tender region encompassed by your skull. Because if you continue reading and keep on contemplating this mind-shattering phenomenon, your brain will begin to really fire up and out of the blue–boom–your head will probably explode.

Hyper-Cerebral Electrosis (HCE) is nothing to joke about. It’s deadly serious stuff. So don’t laugh. Laughter greatly increases cerebral electrification. By laughing uncontrollably you’ll come dangerously close to losing your brain.

If you’re still laughing and something dire happens, I refuse to be held responsible.

You’ve been warned.

The man who ate 18 bicycles, 7 televisions and 1 airplane.

A Cessna 150, one of the items Lotito ate.
A Cessna 150, one of the items Lotito ate.

Yes, such an unusual person existed. His name was Michel Lotito. He was one very hungry dude. Hungry for attention, that is.

Bananas and hard-boiled eggs made him sick, but inorganic matter was quite satisfying. He ate:

18 bicycles

15 shopping carts

7 televisions (before there were flat screens)

6 chandeliers

2 beds (I’m not sure if they were bunk beds)

1 pair of skis (mere toothpicks compared to everything else)

1 Cessna aircraft

1 coffin (I’m surprised this didn’t cause indigestion)

1 400 meter long steel chain (for dessert)

Now sing along with Mary Poppins: “Just a teaspoon of mineral oil helps the metal go down…”

I’ll bet his dentist (and the plumber) really loved him!

Oodles of sick demented nutjob wackadoodles.

Really nuts.
Really nuts.

So you want to see oodles and oodles of really sick demented nutjob wackadoodles? You’ve come to the right place!

These fine specimens of severely dysfunctional lame-brained humanity provide heaps and heaps of sadly insipid entertainment. Do such lunatics, losers, laggards and lunkheads actually exist? Yes, indeed. It seems reality is more tortured, twisted, trashy and tragic than even our most terrible imaginings.

You’ve been warned. Brace yourself. Take a deep breath. Here it comes…

Now swallow your pride and click this fascinating and pathetic link.