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Join the Canadian army to become invisible.

Portrait of a Canadian soldier.
Portrait of a Canadian soldier.

During the Vietnam War, some Americans avoided being drafted into the military by fleeing to Canada. Now, anyone who wishes to avoid difficult situations might consider a future journey to Canada–to join the Canadian army!

It has been reported that an invisibility cloak is being developed for the Canadian military. This newfangled technology, called Quantum Stealth, bends light around the soldier or military equipment creating the illusion of invisibility.

This promises to make future warfare extremely bizarre. Opposing armies equipped with this ultimate camouflage will wander about the battlefield endlessly looking for a target. While the war might last an eternity, at least no one will get hurt!

But I can think of more practical uses:

Don’t want to be found by the ex-wife, debt collectors or other sorts of personal enemies? Put on this nifty gear or jump into an invisible tank and your troubles disappear–along with you!

Cure brain fog, get tingles.

Try hooking this to your brain.
Try hooking this to your brain.

Do you suffer from gout, carbuncles, biliousness, blemishes, a bad liver, a bad bowel, impurities, lethargy or brain fog? Here’s the electrifying cure!

Electrotherapy–delivered by amazing and wonderful “Violet Ray” machines!

Or at least, people used to believe in these hair-raising devices. In current times, practioners would probably be charged with mental battery for generating such low-voltage quackery.

Oh, dear. What’ll I do now? For my own impurities and brain fog, I guess I’ll go drink some vinegar.

How to get your own personal robot!

Some nice used robots for sale.
Some nice used robots for sale.

Don’t deny it. You love robots. They’re cool. So why not get yourself a cool robot? They seem to be everywhere these days! Some are practical, some are just plain goofy, but all are fascinating to play around with. Here’s a great web page that catalogs most of the robots that are available on Amazon.com. It’s fun just to check it out. You can even build your own robot if you’re inclined!

Sign up for space travel to the moon.

Checking out the scenery.
This could be you.

Tired of going on cruises? Have you been on one too many road trips? Have you outgrown amusement parks? Then sign up today to be the first private citizen to walk on the moon. This website provides details.

If a journey to the moon is a bit too ambitious, you can also sign up for a short suborbital trip above our beautiful blue planet! And it’s surprisingly affordable!

A bunch of super cool things on Google Earth.

Island love.
Island love.

Perhaps you won’t see yourself on Google Earth, but you might see your car illegally double parked on the street or your neighbor sunbathing naked! Better yet, you might see any number of the weird and super-interesting things linked on this fascinating website.

Perhaps Google should be called goggle, or ogle. Who knew such bizarre stuff could be found on this planet we fondly call the big blue marble?

How future teleportation will really work.

DIY teleportation.
DIY teleportation.

Do you hate dealing with slow drivers and traffic jams during your endless drive to and from work? Are you susceptible to road rage? There’s good news. Perhaps one day you’ll be able to instantaneously teleport to work.

If you don’t mind having your molecules scrambled, teleportation will allow you to effectively go anywhere in the universe in a snap. Head over to the grocery store. Head down to Antarctica. Head up to an orbiting space hotel. Enjoy a stay on one of Jupiter’s moons, or at that new resort in the Andromeda Galaxy. Okay, a couple of these will probably not happen in your lifetime. (Unless science soon solves the riddle of immortality.)

We’ve seen teleportation in Star Trek, but is it for real? Yes! Very recently, some teleportation experiments have been successfully performed, and this website covers the topic thoroughly.