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How to upload your entire brain to Google.

Human brain in a jar.
Human brain in a jar.

Some visionary futurists have predicted that in 10 years humans will be able to upload their brains to Google.

Don’t they realize it’s already possible?

1. Start a blog.

2. Sit down and quickly type everything that comes to mind. Everything. Every thought. No matter how profound or absurd or insipid. Continue typing and typing and typing until your poor, exhausted brain is completely out of ideas.

4. Publish your blog.

5. Google will index your blog.

6. Your entire, exhausted brain is uploaded to Google.

Famous blogger reveals strange secret to success.

famous blogger reveals success secret

Finally revealed in this jaw-dropping exclusive…the strange secret to a world famous blogger’s amazing success!

What exactly makes some blogs super popular? How is it possible that millions of rabid followers eagerly await some random blogger’s every utterance? It boggles the mind. Have you ever wondered how a stream of insipid writing can produce cyber mega-celebrities? What is their secret?

Pictured above is the explanation.

It’s no wonder the word blog and the word blah seem so alike.

Bloggers in their blogs love to blog about blogging.

Typical blogger.
Typical blogger.

Bloggers often blog that other bloggers when blogging blog about blogging in their blogs. So it’s no surprise that blogs about blogs often make a blogger’s most-loved type of blog. These blogs are the result of blog-loving bloggers loving to blog.

To blog in one’s blog about blogging is simply blogging about the blog that one is blogging in a blog that other bloggers might or might not reblog. Reblogging blogs about blogging in blogs produces blogs about blogs about blogs. These blogs about blogs about blogs are blogs that are beloved by bloggers.

Should you love blogging and reblog this blog you’ll be blogging about blogging about blogging about blogging, which ought to be a blog reblogged by many other blog-loving bloggers. Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog away!