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New online craze: telephone pole dancing.

Two dancers can strut their stuff.
Two dancers can strut their stuff.

The latest online fad might surprise you. But then again, it might not.

Sexy dancing in public utilizing a telephone pole is the newest, coolest online craze.

Surpassing even the worldwide planking phenomenon in popularity, telephone pole dancing videos are being uploaded to the internet at an astonishing pace.

Bored hipsters, wannabe celebrities, uber-nerds, imitative dullards and impressionable youth are donning their sexiest garb, then locating the nearest telephone pole. (Should you participate in this fad make certain you avoid wood telephone poles. Splinters can hurt. Especially those you’re apt to get while pole dancing.)

Madly gyrating around a telephone pole, telephone pole dancers while dancing are checking their telephones for videos of the latest telephone pole dancers. They’re hoping passersby with telephones (the type that do not require a pole) have uploaded a video of them doing their profound pole dance. Because millions will likely watch that video with awe.

A huge load of awesome gag gifts.

Wow--the perfect gift for a stoner.
Wow–the perfect gift for a stoner.

Thinking about a loved one’s upcoming birthday? Don’t know what sort of present to give? How about a gag gift? Get a guaranteed laugh or groan or ugly stare. Liven up the party!

Pranks and practical jokes are always appreciated. Well…at least they are appreciated once in a while. So you need to find a really weird and inappropriate gag gift such as a toy parrot that randomly squawks out loud insults, or a rude crude ass-shaped ashtray, or fart spray, or perhaps some pickle-flavored toothpaste.

Here’s a great blog with links to all sorts of awesome and creative gags.

Give these gifts at your own risk.

Extremely weird superhero antics.

Not sure what this lady's superpower is.
Not sure what this lady’s superpower is.

It’s a fact. Everyone knows that genuine comic book superheroes save the world, galaxy, and/or universe every month or so, and that they use their fantastic, breathtaking, mind-boggling unbelievably terrific superpowers such as wall-crawling, invisibility and the ability to eat all forms of matter to explode a nerdy comic book reader’s brains and absorb the bloody remains into a vortex of nifty neato nirvana with complete ease.

But did you know the world’s greatest heroes can surf while standing on their heads?

Or that Superman’s powers include being a hip, groovy, cool cat? And the super duper ability to split himself into two pieces?

Yes, it’s true. Your favorite superhero is probably more special than even you imagined. Check out their nutty weird-ass powers and their hilariously superheroic antics at this awesomely funny website.

A real motel for hobbits.

Nice view.
Nice view.

Are you short of stature and good-natured? Do you enjoy lots of food, lots of drink and good company? Do you have hairy feet? Do you like to live in a hole in the ground?

Well, if you’re travelling in New Zealand you’ll probably want to check into The Hobbit Motel. Seriously!

The Hobbit Motel is fashioned to look like Bilbo’s and Frodo’s hobbit hole in Hobbiton in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And the ceilings and doorways are appropriately sized! If you’re one of the big people, you might have to duck a bit. If you’re a tall specimen of the big people, perhaps you’ll have to crawl on all fours. But what fun!

Klingon beauty contest!

The winner last year.
The winner last year.

Who needs Sports Illustrated? I was able to locate the Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant website so that I could ogle tantalizing pics of ravishing Klingon beauties from years past. Aren’t these ladies simply stunning? Makes you wanna hitch a ride on the next starship to the Neutral Zone.

Okay, all you trekkers, trekkies, trek-heads, and wanna-be Klingons, Vulcans, Romulans and Tribbles, don’t get too excited. Worf informs me he’ll battle you to the death on the holodeck if you so much as glance at one of these proud female Klingon warriors with disrespect.

Get some real x-ray glasses!

I'm sure this is what you'll be looking at.
I’m sure this is what you’d love looking at.

My inner nerd is really excited now!

Check out these actual, real, honest-to-goodness x-ray specs! Not those phony things with swirled lenses you’d buy from the back page of a comic book. The real thing! Hooray for science!

Funny–even the geeky scientists who invented this can’t help mentioning on their web page how they can barely see through bikinis. I guess human nature is just like a scientific and mathematical constant…constant!

How to get your own personal robot!

Some nice used robots for sale.
Some nice used robots for sale.

Don’t deny it. You love robots. They’re cool. So why not get yourself a cool robot? They seem to be everywhere these days! Some are practical, some are just plain goofy, but all are fascinating to play around with. Here’s a great web page that catalogs most of the robots that are available on Amazon.com. It’s fun just to check it out. You can even build your own robot if you’re inclined!

The famous Random Poem Generator!

A nightmare or a poem randomly generated.
A nightmare…or a poem randomly generated.

Are you a poet with writer’s block? That blank screen is eating up your innards? Here’s an easy way to create instant poetry!

Generate enough of these bizarre poems and eventually you might get a semi-good one. You’ll certainly get lots of funny and absurd ones.

Should you generate a really brilliant poem, and have it published, don’t forget to credit your faithful computer! And don’t forget to acknowledge the genius of sheer randomness!

Lots of extremely odd Weird Science websites.

This molecule has a silly name.
This molecule has a silly name.

This unusual page contains a bunch of cool links to websites that feature super bizarre, seriously fascinating scientific stuff.

Some of the more interesting sites are:

Colon Blow…exactly what transpires when a person takes two doses of a strong laxative every day for an entire week.

FungiPhoto…a vast collection of endlessly interesting fungus photographs. Wow!

Government Research into E.S.P. and Mind Control…describing official research of Extra Sensory Perception and human mind control.

Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names…these molecules have names that are absurd, witty, or just plain lame.

And there are loads more weird science websites to visit!