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A house made of six million beer bottles.

Basic home building materials.
Basic home building materials.

Perhaps you remember the Six Million Dollar Man. He was fairly awesome. But have you heard of the even more awesome Six Million Beer Bottle House in Argentina? That’s quite a stack of beer bottles!

To drink six million beers, it would take you approximately three years. (Assuming you chug four beers per minute and continue without stopping, even to pee.)

Another interesting factoid: Six million beers would fill approximately one Olympic-size swimming pool.

And here we have some super cool Brazilian guy who can cleverly store all that cold refreshing beer in his house with no problem whatsoever!

Perhaps he’ll install a backyard pool to double his beer storage capacity. That’s a yellowish liquid I wouldn’t mind taking a dip in!

Let’s celebrate human ingenuity by singing a chorus of Six Million Bottles of Beer in the Wall!

Click to test your Karma now.

This guy has great Karma.
This guy has great Karma.

If you’re blissfully unaware of your Karmic status, it’s about time you get a calculated, computational, spiritual check-up.

You know, folks with bad karma pay a hefty price in the next life. Do you really want to be reincarnated as a worm or cockroach…or a ruined, lesser creature resembling your Uncle Burt?

Immediately take this Karma test with a simple click of your fated finger and get started on your shining path to nirvana. Because the absolute nothingness of nirvana is said to be perfect bliss.

Wait a minute…perhaps you’d rather remain blissfully unaware of your Karmic status…if bliss is the objective…now I’m confused…

Join the Canadian army to become invisible.

Portrait of a Canadian soldier.
Portrait of a Canadian soldier.

During the Vietnam War, some Americans avoided being drafted into the military by fleeing to Canada. Now, anyone who wishes to avoid difficult situations might consider a future journey to Canada–to join the Canadian army!

It has been reported that an invisibility cloak is being developed for the Canadian military. This newfangled technology, called Quantum Stealth, bends light around the soldier or military equipment creating the illusion of invisibility.

This promises to make future warfare extremely bizarre. Opposing armies equipped with this ultimate camouflage will wander about the battlefield endlessly looking for a target. While the war might last an eternity, at least no one will get hurt!

But I can think of more practical uses:

Don’t want to be found by the ex-wife, debt collectors or other sorts of personal enemies? Put on this nifty gear or jump into an invisible tank and your troubles disappear–along with you!

Cure brain fog, get tingles.

Try hooking this to your brain.
Try hooking this to your brain.

Do you suffer from gout, carbuncles, biliousness, blemishes, a bad liver, a bad bowel, impurities, lethargy or brain fog? Here’s the electrifying cure!

Electrotherapy–delivered by amazing and wonderful “Violet Ray” machines!

Or at least, people used to believe in these hair-raising devices. In current times, practioners would probably be charged with mental battery for generating such low-voltage quackery.

Oh, dear. What’ll I do now? For my own impurities and brain fog, I guess I’ll go drink some vinegar.

One very weird cult.

Not sure which cult this guy belongs to.
Not sure which cult this guy belongs to.

There are loads of religious cults out there. Average, ordinary, everyday people happily worship all sorts of strange stuff: from godlike space aliens, to arcane deities, to historical figures and celebrities, to pseudoscientific concepts and other things that seem just plain absurd.

Here are ten rather odd cults.

Included is a cult that literally worships a sports hero.

The Church of Maradona reportedly has over 80,000 members, and they worship at the (quite capable) feet of Argentine soccer superstar Diego Maradona. Followers are inspired to name their children Diego, strictly obey ten religious commandments, and faithfully recite the prayer “Our Diego”.

I’d convert, but I’m presently a member of the Church of Fish Burritos.

Some weird and disturbing diets.

Road kill diet is recommended.
Road kill diet is recommended.

I realize I’m no gourmet, but egads! Try to digest this!

One fun website that contains a bunch of weird and cool stuff lists eight people who have unconventional diets. The grotesque grub these folks chow down on makes my mixed cereal dinners and cold pizza breakfasts look delightful and nutritious.

For example, anyone for some road kill? You know, dead squirrels and possums can be prepared in so many mouth-watering ways, why would anybody devour anything else? And it’s free! Check out the frugal guy who enjoys rats, crows, hedgehogs, snakes, and possibly other unfortunate stray who-knows-what discovered on the local highway. One flattened animal’s misfortune is his good fortune!

Okay, maybe you have some redneck cousins who like to harvest and chomp down on fresh roadkill, and that diet doesn’t strike you as terribly unusual. So what about the girl who can eat nothing but spoonfuls of Tic Tacs? Or the brilliant professor who lost some unhealthy weight on a Twinkie diet? Or the pleasant fellow who has eaten 25,000 Big Macs? (It’s no wonder billions and billions have been sold.) Surely you’ll consider one of these diets to be at least slightly unusual.

This post is categorized under Cool Deals (for the free road kill), but for the Twinkies, Big Macs and Tic Tacs you’ll need to find a coupon.

Scientists say Aquaman was a Martian.

I think this guy is Captain Caveman's sidekick.
I think this guy is Captain Caveman’s sidekick.

Yes, gentle ladies and gentle men, the water-breathing superhero and ruler of Atlantis, Aquaman, was in fact an actual Martian. This tremendous discovery was recently discussed in great detail by astronomers, theorists and other world-renowned experts.

Do you doubt me? In case you missed the news, it has now been absolutely proven that Atlantis was on Mars. Here’s a fascinating article that discusses the findings of these very thorough researchers. I was stunned to learn that King Tut had actually died on a Martian space shuttle. The photo of a highly-detailed “space shuttle” found in an Egyptian tomb convinced me.

I’m not sure whether the esteemed scientists delved into the secret origin of the Martian Manhunter.

Test your sanity today!

This guy failed the test.
This guy failed the test.

Have you been questioning your own sanity lately? Here’s an online test that will determine precisely how nuts you are. (Assuming you are nuts.)

The higher the score, the further around the bend you’ve gone. Achieve a perfect score, and you’re perfectly bonkers.

Okay, so this test probably isn’t scientific, but most of the questions seem fairly reasonable. If you believe you can fly, or that you are some sort of deity, or that you are a space alien visiting Earth, chances are a connection in your noodle isn’t quite right. And if you believe Elvis still lives–hey, wait a minute, a significant percentage of ordinary Americans believe Elvis still lives…

A few weird human biology facts.

Find out exactly what happens next.
Find out exactly what happens next.

So you think humans are very weird? You’re correct!

Here’s an amusing page that lists 50 odd facts about that uniquely bizarre species homo sapiens.

One happy example: in the event you are sentenced to be guillotined, you will remain conscious for 15 to 20 seconds after decapitation. (But during that time, you probably won’t remember the half hour you once spent as a single cell. And it won’t matter that your hair is virtually indestructible.)

Be amazed, entertained and perplexed by these draw-dropping facts about YOU!

Stylish monkeys.

A vain baboon looking very smug.
A vain baboon looking very smug.

I swear I’ve seen some of these stylin’ simians sauntering around the mall and hanging out on the corner looking not like chumps but cool chimps. I’ve seen some of their more evolutionarily advanced cousins hereabouts as well.

Wow, piercings really make these primates appear advanced. Big steel piercings always make hairy, slouching animals appear civilized. I like some of the hairdos, too. Do they make hair gel just for monkey fur?