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Sell nice landfill garbage on Ebay.

A great place to find cool stuff.
A great place to find cool stuff.

Here’s a great way to make some extra money! (Follow this advice only where this activity is legal.)

The other day I hauled a load of dead branches and stumps to the local landfill. While tossing debris from the back of my truck, I noted that there was a whole lot of interesting and potentially valuable garbage strewn about the dump. I took a few minutes, once my truck was empty, to pick through the trash. I found the following:

A very nice wooden stool with a broken leg.

A very expensive vacuum cleaner, broken and with no cord.

A bent umbrella.

A cracked aquarium.

Some dentures.

A dozen or so bits of beautiful mud-covered stained glass.

A toilet seat.

Some sort of fancy electronic equipment that I haven’t yet identified.

A ton of slightly moldy magazines.

A very small roll of brand new green shag carpeting.

Plastic bags containing what appears to be an extensive collection of sparkly rocks.

Several pretty old shoes.

A few more interesting things I haven’t yet identified.

So far, I’ve made nearly 3 dollars!

Easy dumpster diving tips.

Look at all the great stuff.
Look at all the great stuff.

Here’s an excellent article that will help you get the most from your dumpster diving sessions. It contains expert advice on how to network with other dumpster divers, where to find the best dumpsters, and tips concerning dumpster diver record keeping. Scavenging for free trash is a true science, and with a little practice and dedication, you too could become a successful and enviable garbage-grabbing professional.

Tips include using a milk crate or stool, washing produce that you’ve found, sharing your acquired knowledge with others, and cleaning up afterward so that dumpster divers don’t get a bad name. Very thoughtful indeed.

I’m so thankful this internet thingy was invented. These useful how-to websites have really made my life much easier (and more interesting).