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Quad-soccer: one ball, four teams, four goals.

So boring.
So boring.

Has anyone invented this crazy pinball-like version of four-way soccer? If not, why not?

The concept: The playing field is a square, and at the center of each side is a goal, protected by one of four teams. The players from all four teams compete simultaneously. Let’s say teams North, South, East and West are engaged in furious sporting combat, each defending their goal in the corresponding direction. If a player from any team were to kick the ball into the North goal, the South team would score a point. If a player from any team were to kick the ball into the West goal, the East team would score a point. And so on and so forth… The first team to reach a set number of points is declared the victor.

A hybrid of chinese checkers and soccer.

Can you visualize the magnificient mayhem of players, and the ricocheting ball shooting every which way, in a chaotic kickfest of non-stop swirling action? Would you like to be a goalkeeper, trying to keep track of what the heck was going on?

Can you imagine the interesting strategies and alliances? If the North team were on the cusp of winning, all three other teams would strive to defend the South goal, while at the same time trying somehow to score. How do you attack, and where do you defend? You gotta love it!

I suppose several kinks would have to be worked out. Such as rules concerning penalties and balls out-of-bounds. Details, details…

Race on (not to) an outhouse.

This one might win a race.
This one might win a race.

To all sports enthusiasts everywhere: you haven’t been crowned the ultimate world champion until you’ve conquered all competitors in the highly athletic Sorbent Australian Dunny Derby. What’s a dunny? An outhouse, you silly bloke!

Ride astride an outhouse like a toilet jockey aiming to finish first down under.

Hopefully the dunny pictured crashed had been cleaned first.

(Yes, this blog is very useful. Now you’re privy to the latest poop coming out.)

Death-defying extreme bouncing.

Now try bouncing 100 feet high in this.
Now try bouncing 100 feet high in this.

What’s more exciting than bungee jumping? Extreme bouncing!

Why has this adrenaline producing sport (or hobby) not been invented?

The concept: Strap yourself securely in a large, inflated, clear plastic bubble. (The bubble behaves like a human-sized ball that is super bouncy.) Have a helpful person roll you off a high vertical cliff. Descend rapidly, while you spin…then you bounce, bounce, bounce…spinning and rocketing this way and that way on an uneven hard rocky surface. Can you imagine? What a ride!

If you think rolling down a steep hill in a tire was thrilling, visualize bouncing like a giant rubber ball up and down hundreds or even thousands of feet! You’d definitely need a good stomach!

Who will be first to do this? I dare you!

Totally stupid: the weirdest college mascots

College mascots fight to the death.
College mascots fight to the death.

I’ve seen cool mascots and I’ve seen cute mascots. Now, thanks to this nifty web page, I’ve seen stupid and ridiculous mascots! Thank goodness I didn’t attend any of these colleges. I would be completely embarrassed to show myself in public.

How to gatecrash a party, concert or sporting event.

This happens AFTER you gatecrash.
This happens AFTER you gatecrash.

So there’s a really great party, concert or sporting event coming up, but you don’t have an invite or a ticket. What do you do? You gatecrash, of course!

But how do you gatecrash without being caught? This sneaky website tells you how!

If you manage to streak nude across the stage during the Grammys, congratulations! You succeeded!