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Perhaps the most ridiculous Wikipedia pages.

Wikipedia includes Uncombable Hair Syndrome.
Wikipedia includes Uncombable Hair Syndrome.

Wikipedia can be very informative. It can also be weird, bizarre, inane, useless and ridiculous. In my opinion the best wikipedia entries are inane, useless and ridiculous.

Here are the twelve most ridiculous wikipedia pages. You could probably add a few hundred or thousand more.

A bunch of incredibly stupid laws.

Convicted of simple assault.
Convicted of simple assault.

Let’s play a game! Which of the 50 states is stupid enough to have the following laws?

–It is illegal to stop a child from jumping over puddles of water.

–It is illegal to ride a merry-go-round on Sunday.

–Biting someone with natural teeth is considered “simple assault,” but biting someone with false teeth is “aggravated assault.”

–It is illegal to step out of an airplane in flight.

–It is illegal to give lighted cigars to dogs, cats, and other pets.

–It is illegal to walk across the street on your hands.

–It is illegal for women wearing a red dress to be out on the street after seven.

–It is illegal to wear a fake moustache that causes laughter in church.

The answer: EVERY state has such stupid laws.

See all the absurd and stupid laws at this website!

The famous Random Poem Generator!

A nightmare or a poem randomly generated.
A nightmare…or a poem randomly generated.

Are you a poet with writer’s block? That blank screen is eating up your innards? Here’s an easy way to create instant poetry!

Generate enough of these bizarre poems and eventually you might get a semi-good one. You’ll certainly get lots of funny and absurd ones.

Should you generate a really brilliant poem, and have it published, don’t forget to credit your faithful computer! And don’t forget to acknowledge the genius of sheer randomness!

Join the effort to free oppressed gnomes!

Enslaved gnome taking a smoke break.
Enslaved gnome taking a smoke break.

It’s a truly awful, despicable situation. Innocent little white-bearded gnomes are oppressed and enslaved by the thousands in gardens around the world. The noble people who run this website seek to work for their liberation, through calls to action, mass demonstrations, civil unrest, letter campaigns to Congress, and widespread boycotts. It’s our undeniable moral duty to free oppressed gnomes!

Once you become an activist, you can report sightings of enslaved gnomes in your neighborhood to these do-gooders as well. They will make the information available to the Garden Gnome Liberation Front. Please do your part to work for the freedom of these helpless fairy tale creatures!

Learn useless stuff with the Uncyclopedia.

No, not the Underwearcyclopedia.
No, not the Underwearcyclopedia.

The Uncyclopedia is the positively useless encyclopedia that any lovable fool can edit.

Some uninformative entries include:

I am better than fish
How To: Use a Public Restroom
Sock’em Bopper Experiment
I wrote this article while drunk
Axis of Evil Hot Dog Eating Competition
Emo Rap
Emperor Galactus of the World and Universe
Generic Theory of Probably Something 2
Unicycle-riding bears
Cable the Larry Guy
Office Worker’s Rant: An Excerpt
Tea and Strumpets
Some guy you’ve never heard of
Pointy Sticks
Commonly Misunderstood Radiohead Lyrics
Fluffy Bunny World

If you need a thoughtful resource on any subject, it would be best to look elsewhere. If you want a good laugh, or to roll your eyes at lots of inane and stupid stuff, check out the Uncyclopedia!

Real children with amazing super powers.

This baby has an amazing eating superpower.
This baby has an amazing eating superpower.

Here’s a website where people document the amazing super powers they had as children. Or the super powers they BELIEVED that they had.

Some believed they could fly. Others believed they could make clouds move with their mind. Or that they were from another planet. Or that they could lay eggs. Or that they could grow a tail. I, myself, believed I’d melt if I stayed in the bathtub too long, and that I’d go down the drain and end up in some ocean halfway around the world. Fortunately, it never happened.