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Get some real x-ray glasses!

I'm sure this is what you'll be looking at.
I’m sure this is what you’d love looking at.

My inner nerd is really excited now!

Check out these actual, real, honest-to-goodness x-ray specs! Not those phony things with swirled lenses you’d buy from the back page of a comic book. The real thing! Hooray for science!

Funny–even the geeky scientists who invented this can’t help mentioning on their web page how they can barely see through bikinis. I guess human nature is just like a scientific and mathematical constant…constant!

Take flight in your own personal jetpack!

Can't find one at Costco yet.
Can’t find one at Costco yet.

Cool! I could use one of these! No need for a car, no need for a garage, no need for roads! And what’s more, no need for a pilot’s license! Sweet!

Drive this baby with just two joysticks. Heck, if you can master semi-complicated video game controls, this oughta be a piece of cake. The one problem I see is refueling. That might prove difficult. Oh, well…

How to get your own personal robot!

Some nice used robots for sale.
Some nice used robots for sale.

Don’t deny it. You love robots. They’re cool. So why not get yourself a cool robot? They seem to be everywhere these days! Some are practical, some are just plain goofy, but all are fascinating to play around with. Here’s a great web page that catalogs most of the robots that are available on Amazon.com. It’s fun just to check it out. You can even build your own robot if you’re inclined!

Sign up for space travel to the moon.

Checking out the scenery.
This could be you.

Tired of going on cruises? Have you been on one too many road trips? Have you outgrown amusement parks? Then sign up today to be the first private citizen to walk on the moon. This website provides details.

If a journey to the moon is a bit too ambitious, you can also sign up for a short suborbital trip above our beautiful blue planet! And it’s surprisingly affordable!

Lots of extremely odd Weird Science websites.

This molecule has a silly name.
This molecule has a silly name.

This unusual page contains a bunch of cool links to websites that feature super bizarre, seriously fascinating scientific stuff.

Some of the more interesting sites are:

Colon Blow…exactly what transpires when a person takes two doses of a strong laxative every day for an entire week.

FungiPhoto…a vast collection of endlessly interesting fungus photographs. Wow!

Government Research into E.S.P. and Mind Control…describing official research of Extra Sensory Perception and human mind control.

Molecules with Silly or Unusual Names…these molecules have names that are absurd, witty, or just plain lame.

And there are loads more weird science websites to visit!

How future teleportation will really work.

DIY teleportation.
DIY teleportation.

Do you hate dealing with slow drivers and traffic jams during your endless drive to and from work? Are you susceptible to road rage? There’s good news. Perhaps one day you’ll be able to instantaneously teleport to work.

If you don’t mind having your molecules scrambled, teleportation will allow you to effectively go anywhere in the universe in a snap. Head over to the grocery store. Head down to Antarctica. Head up to an orbiting space hotel. Enjoy a stay on one of Jupiter’s moons, or at that new resort in the Andromeda Galaxy. Okay, a couple of these will probably not happen in your lifetime. (Unless science soon solves the riddle of immortality.)

We’ve seen teleportation in Star Trek, but is it for real? Yes! Very recently, some teleportation experiments have been successfully performed, and this website covers the topic thoroughly.