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Sharks have real feelings, including sadness.

Absolutely Bizarre Humor

This shark is feeling very sad at the moment. That's quite obvious. This shark is feeling very sad at the moment. That’s quite obvious.

I have absolute photographic proof that certain ravenous, cold-blooded eating machines are in fact very sensitive creatures. You might want to give this sad shark a great big loving hug. I’m sure you’ll be touched.

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Creepy Batman is just a lonely guy.

Citizens ignore sad Batman, who mopes and shuffles along.
Citizens ignore sad Batman, who just mopes and shuffles along.

Many have suggested that Batman isn’t really a superhero. They’ve put forth the theory that the Caped Crusader is nothing more than a sad, ineffective, lonely guy. And a bit of a creep.

I have two photographs which tend to give weight to this theory.

Here are rare photos of sad Batman out on a lonely walk down a city sidewalk, ignored by hundreds of passing citizens. The bat-obsessed fellow just shuffles along, seemingly in a daze, hiding from the cold, cruel world behind his black costume and bizarre mask.

Perhaps he identifies with the small, hated, flying rodent that is blind and hides all huddled up in darkness underground. Sad Batman seems to head nowhere, a lone figure, an anonymous soul, hungry for human contact, but shunning it.

Batman shuns a young man who passes by.
Batman shuns a young man who passes by.

A most wonderful spot for a relaxing weekend.

My favorite picnic bench for a wonderful lunch.
The world’s best picnic bench for complete relaxation.

This weekend I’m heading to my favorite picnic bench. I’m really going to enjoy myself. After I really enjoy myself, I’ll be in a state of advanced relaxation. If I’m on the ground, please don’t fret.