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Some weird and disturbing diets.

Road kill diet is recommended.
Road kill diet is recommended.

I realize I’m no gourmet, but egads! Try to digest this!

One fun website that contains a bunch of weird and cool stuff lists eight people who have unconventional diets. The grotesque grub these folks chow down on makes my mixed cereal dinners and cold pizza breakfasts look delightful and nutritious.

For example, anyone for some road kill? You know, dead squirrels and possums can be prepared in so many mouth-watering ways, why would anybody devour anything else? And it’s free! Check out the frugal guy who enjoys rats, crows, hedgehogs, snakes, and possibly other unfortunate stray who-knows-what discovered on the local highway. One flattened animal’s misfortune is his good fortune!

Okay, maybe you have some redneck cousins who like to harvest and chomp down on fresh roadkill, and that diet doesn’t strike you as terribly unusual. So what about the girl who can eat nothing but spoonfuls of Tic Tacs? Or the brilliant professor who lost some unhealthy weight on a Twinkie diet? Or the pleasant fellow who has eaten 25,000 Big Macs? (It’s no wonder billions and billions have been sold.) Surely you’ll consider one of these diets to be at least slightly unusual.

This post is categorized under Cool Deals (for the free road kill), but for the Twinkies, Big Macs and Tic Tacs you’ll need to find a coupon.