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Where you can acquire free land. Really!

Nice property.
Nice property.

Need a patch of nice land to live on? Do you desire some property in this great nation to call your own? And you seriously want to spend no money? Zip? Zero? Zilch? Nada? You think you’re out of luck?

The frontier days are long past, but believe it or not, there are still wide open places in the United States where you can acquire land for free. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this website for the details.

Strange homes: live in an old missile base!

Your new home's front door.
Your new home’s front door.

You can live underground in a hardened nuclear-proof abandoned ICBM missile silo! How cool would that be?

This website offers for sale historic cold war subterranean structures, built by the military for millions of dollars. They are among the strongest structures ever built in human history. Your new home will endure for centuries!

You won’t find any other real estate quite like this. After several decades of neglect, however, you’ll have to consider them “fixer-uppers”!