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Strange yellow object detected by Mars rover.

Strange object photographed by Mars rover Opportunity.
Strange object photographed by Mars rover Opportunity.

The mystery of the world famous “Rubber Duck” on Mars has at last been solved by NASA scientists. The unusual yellow object achieved worldwide fame when it suddenly appeared out of nowhere in a picture transmitted to Earth from the Mars rover Opportunity.

It turns out the strange object in reality is just an ordinary rubber duck. Because there is an extremely thin atmosphere on Mars, it’s unlikely the duck could be heard squeaking when Opportunity accidentally drove over it.

Sign up to colonize Mars.

Make this your new home.
Make this your new home.

Okay wannabe astronauts, now that I have your attention… I actually haven’t figured out where you can sign up for a Mars mission. Sorry. But I DO know where you can prepare yourself mentally: at the Marspedia!

Learn everything you’ll need to know about your future journey to and colonization of the red planet!

Be bold! Go where no one has gone before! Prepare yourself for the ultimate adventure! And you better be very very well-prepared, because to save money and resources, chances are you won’t be returning to Earth!

Spend the remainder of your life on a barren red rock! Melt water ice! Smelt rocks! Avoid dust storms! Eat algae! Oh, boy! Where can I sign up?

Scientists say Aquaman was a Martian.

I think this guy is Captain Caveman's sidekick.
I think this guy is Captain Caveman’s sidekick.

Yes, gentle ladies and gentle men, the water-breathing superhero and ruler of Atlantis, Aquaman, was in fact an actual Martian. This tremendous discovery was recently discussed in great detail by astronomers, theorists and other world-renowned experts.

Do you doubt me? In case you missed the news, it has now been absolutely proven that Atlantis was on Mars. Here’s a fascinating article that discusses the findings of these very thorough researchers. I was stunned to learn that King Tut had actually died on a Martian space shuttle. The photo of a highly-detailed “space shuttle” found in an Egyptian tomb convinced me.

I’m not sure whether the esteemed scientists delved into the secret origin of the Martian Manhunter.