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How to instantly make yourself laugh.

A real laugher.
More laughter.

Need a good laugh? Here are ten instant self-help ideas:

1. Picture your boss constipated on the toilet.

2. Imagine Homer Simpson having fun with Plopper the Spider-Pig.

3. Imagine any politician being truthful.

4. Combine Sheldon Cooper lecturing self-importantly with helium.

5. Ask the bag lady on the public bus to tickle you.

6. Watch a few ordinary tourists.

7. Smoke a doobie.

8. Inhale nitrous oxide.

9. Watch that wildly hilarious video of goofballs telephone pole dancing.

10. Manipulate your own funny bone.

Thinking too hard will make your head explode.

Pose often adopted before cranial explosion.
Pose often adopted before cranial explosion.

Don’t think too hard about the strange concept of exploding heads. Because your head might explode.

An article has appeared on MIT’s website detailing a rare electrical imbalance of the brain which can cause one’s head to ignite and rupture, spewing half-baked, bubbling gray matter in every direction.

Yes, a bloody explosion of your electrified brain paints a gruesome picture. It activates one’s morbid imagination. It tends to make one think. But don’t think too hard. You might become the next victim. Please don’t read any further if you detect strange sensations right now in the tender region encompassed by your skull. Because if you continue reading and keep on contemplating this mind-shattering phenomenon, your brain will begin to really fire up and out of the blue–boom–your head will probably explode.

Hyper-Cerebral Electrosis (HCE) is nothing to joke about. It’s deadly serious stuff. So don’t laugh. Laughter greatly increases cerebral electrification. By laughing uncontrollably you’ll come dangerously close to losing your brain.

If you’re still laughing and something dire happens, I refuse to be held responsible.

You’ve been warned.

Test your sanity today!

This guy failed the test.
This guy failed the test.

Have you been questioning your own sanity lately? Here’s an online test that will determine precisely how nuts you are. (Assuming you are nuts.)

The higher the score, the further around the bend you’ve gone. Achieve a perfect score, and you’re perfectly bonkers.

Okay, so this test probably isn’t scientific, but most of the questions seem fairly reasonable. If you believe you can fly, or that you are some sort of deity, or that you are a space alien visiting Earth, chances are a connection in your noodle isn’t quite right. And if you believe Elvis still lives–hey, wait a minute, a significant percentage of ordinary Americans believe Elvis still lives…