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Woman stuck in washing machine for 32 hours.

Boston woman was stuck in washing machine for 32 hours before help was finally rendered.
Boston woman stuck in washing machine for 32 hours.

Local television news yesterday included reports of a woman stuck in a laundromat washing machine for nearly 32 hours. The woman, Bethany Chelker of South Boston, became trapped in the machine the day before while trying to extract a small article of clothing.

Bethany explained that hundreds of bystanders refused to provide her with help. A number of onlookers even made nasty jokes. “I can’t believe how rude some people are,” she said.

City workers finally managed to extract the unfortunate victim, and transported her to a nearby hospital for observation.

How to instantly make yourself laugh.

A real laugher.
More laughter.

Need a good laugh? Here are ten instant self-help ideas:

1. Picture your boss constipated on the toilet.

2. Imagine Homer Simpson having fun with Plopper the Spider-Pig.

3. Imagine any politician being truthful.

4. Combine Sheldon Cooper lecturing self-importantly with helium.

5. Ask the bag lady on the public bus to tickle you.

6. Watch a few ordinary tourists.

7. Smoke a doobie.

8. Inhale nitrous oxide.

9. Watch that wildly hilarious video of goofballs telephone pole dancing.

10. Manipulate your own funny bone.