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Easy dumpster diving tips.

Look at all the great stuff.
Look at all the great stuff.

Here’s an excellent article that will help you get the most from your dumpster diving sessions. It contains expert advice on how to network with other dumpster divers, where to find the best dumpsters, and tips concerning dumpster diver record keeping. Scavenging for free trash is a true science, and with a little practice and dedication, you too could become a successful and enviable garbage-grabbing professional.

Tips include using a milk crate or stool, washing produce that you’ve found, sharing your acquired knowledge with others, and cleaning up afterward so that dumpster divers don’t get a bad name. Very thoughtful indeed.

I’m so thankful this internet thingy was invented. These useful how-to websites have really made my life much easier (and more interesting).

A huge load of awesome gag gifts.

Wow--the perfect gift for a stoner.
Wow–the perfect gift for a stoner.

Thinking about a loved one’s upcoming birthday? Don’t know what sort of present to give? How about a gag gift? Get a guaranteed laugh or groan or ugly stare. Liven up the party!

Pranks and practical jokes are always appreciated. Well…at least they are appreciated once in a while. So you need to find a really weird and inappropriate gag gift such as a toy parrot that randomly squawks out loud insults, or a rude crude ass-shaped ashtray, or fart spray, or perhaps some pickle-flavored toothpaste.

Here’s a great blog with links to all sorts of awesome and creative gags.

Give these gifts at your own risk.