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A house made of six million beer bottles.

Basic home building materials.
Basic home building materials.

Perhaps you remember the Six Million Dollar Man. He was fairly awesome. But have you heard of the even more awesome Six Million Beer Bottle House in Argentina? That’s quite a stack of beer bottles!

To drink six million beers, it would take you approximately three years. (Assuming you chug four beers per minute and continue without stopping, even to pee.)

Another interesting factoid: Six million beers would fill approximately one Olympic-size swimming pool.

And here we have some super cool Brazilian guy who can cleverly store all that cold refreshing beer in his house with no problem whatsoever!

Perhaps he’ll install a backyard pool to double his beer storage capacity. That’s a yellowish liquid I wouldn’t mind taking a dip in!

Let’s celebrate human ingenuity by singing a chorus of Six Million Bottles of Beer in the Wall!

Extremely weird superhero antics.

Not sure what this lady's superpower is.
Not sure what this lady’s superpower is.

It’s a fact. Everyone knows that genuine comic book superheroes save the world, galaxy, and/or universe every month or so, and that they use their fantastic, breathtaking, mind-boggling unbelievably terrific superpowers such as wall-crawling, invisibility and the ability to eat all forms of matter to explode a nerdy comic book reader’s brains and absorb the bloody remains into a vortex of nifty neato nirvana with complete ease.

But did you know the world’s greatest heroes can surf while standing on their heads?

Or that Superman’s powers include being a hip, groovy, cool cat? And the super duper ability to split himself into two pieces?

Yes, it’s true. Your favorite superhero is probably more special than even you imagined. Check out their nutty weird-ass powers and their hilariously superheroic antics at this awesomely funny website.

Used tanks for sale.

The commute to work would be much easier.
The commute to work would be much easier.

If you’re inclined to believe the world is coming to an end (for whatever reason), or if you’d like to conquer the world, of if you’d like to conquer the world before or after it comes to an end, perhaps you’d like to purchase a tank. Here’s a cool website where you can find the perfect tank for you!

Or perhaps you just want to impress chicks. To heck with a sportscar. Everyone’s got a sportscar. How many macho guys have a genuine tank?

Check out the pics and place your order. I’m sure the tanks with the biggest guns are the best sellers. Order today!

Stylish monkeys.

A vain baboon looking very smug.
A vain baboon looking very smug.

I swear I’ve seen some of these stylin’ simians sauntering around the mall and hanging out on the corner looking not like chumps but cool chimps. I’ve seen some of their more evolutionarily advanced cousins hereabouts as well.

Wow, piercings really make these primates appear advanced. Big steel piercings always make hairy, slouching animals appear civilized. I like some of the hairdos, too. Do they make hair gel just for monkey fur?

Sign up for space travel to the moon.

Checking out the scenery.
This could be you.

Tired of going on cruises? Have you been on one too many road trips? Have you outgrown amusement parks? Then sign up today to be the first private citizen to walk on the moon. This website provides details.

If a journey to the moon is a bit too ambitious, you can also sign up for a short suborbital trip above our beautiful blue planet! And it’s surprisingly affordable!