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Creepy Batman is just a lonely guy.

Citizens ignore sad Batman, who mopes and shuffles along.
Citizens ignore sad Batman, who just mopes and shuffles along.

Many have suggested that Batman isn’t really a superhero. They’ve put forth the theory that the Caped Crusader is nothing more than a sad, ineffective, lonely guy. And a bit of a creep.

I have two photographs which tend to give weight to this theory.

Here are rare photos of sad Batman out on a lonely walk down a city sidewalk, ignored by hundreds of passing citizens. The bat-obsessed fellow just shuffles along, seemingly in a daze, hiding from the cold, cruel world behind his black costume and bizarre mask.

Perhaps he identifies with the small, hated, flying rodent that is blind and hides all huddled up in darkness underground. Sad Batman seems to head nowhere, a lone figure, an anonymous soul, hungry for human contact, but shunning it.

Batman shuns a young man who passes by.
Batman shuns a young man who passes by.

Captain America instructs eager new sidekick.

Captain America and Rapper Sidekick with patriotic undies and socks.
Captain America and new sidekick with patriotic undies and socks.

Captain America’s original sidekick, Bucky, ended up being too much trouble. When young Bucky was brainwashed into becoming the villainous Winter Soldier, Cap missed the good old days. It’s much more fun when you have a happy-go-lucky youngster at your side.

Fortunately, the first Avenger found the perfect new sidekick. His name is Relax, the hip hop hero. In this photograph we see the red-white-and-blue duo clearing a safe path for humanity.