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Sharks have real feelings, including sadness.

Absolutely Bizarre Humor

This shark is feeling very sad at the moment. That's quite obvious. This shark is feeling very sad at the moment. That’s quite obvious.

I have absolute photographic proof that certain ravenous, cold-blooded eating machines are in fact very sensitive creatures. You might want to give this sad shark a great big loving hug. I’m sure you’ll be touched.

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Climate change: Polar bears on a tropical island.

Polar bears observed on a tropical island under palm trees.
Polar bears observed on a tropical island near palm trees.

The pace of global climate change is truly alarming. Polar bears, left to fend for themselves without ice floes in the Arctic, have now been spotted as far south as Hawaii. These two polar bears, photographed near swaying palm trees, were forced by rapidly warming temperatures to migrate far across the Pacific Ocean in search of a solid place to stand. Hopefully their new tropical island home isn’t soon underwater.

Subway car rises like a sandworm from Dune.

Subway car rises like a sandworm from Dune.
Subway car rises like a sandworm from Dune.

Yesterday a subway car rose through this downtown street like a sandworm from Dune. A young boy nearby remained fearless as the monstrous machinery emerged from its subterranean abode. This brave child, like the Emperor of Dune, might one day choose to become a formidable hybrid. Should this occur, he’ll resemble Thomas the Tank.

First known time traveler reports on the future.

Once living cauliflower now dead.
Once living cauliflower now dead.

The first known time traveler has returned from the future with numerous interesting observations. Perhaps the most jaw-dropping revelation is that, a hundred years from now, it is known scientifically that many plants have a highly unusual form of primitive sentience. While lacking the highly organized nervous systems found in more advanced animal lifeforms, plants have clustered bio-pathways that expedite pseudo-neural chemical interactions. These interactions perform many of the basic functions of more commonly understood cognitive systems.

In the future, anyone alive today who has ever eaten cauliflower is viewed with absolute contempt and disdain.

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It’s good to pick your nose and eat boogers.

Man picks his nose prior to eating a booger.
Man picks his nose prior to eating a booger.

Here are 7 reasons why healthy adults should regularly pick their nose and eat boogers:

1. Rhinotillexis (the extraction of nasal mucus with a finger) followed by mucophagy (the ingestion of this material) is believed by many scientists to provide a natural boost to the immune system.

2. Picking hardened mucus from your nostrils allows more freedom for oxygen to enter the lungs.

3. Removing boogers that contain potentially harmful microbes helps to prevent pathogens from entering your brain.

4. Natural biological inclinations should not be resisted due to an arbitrary cultural norm. Resisting the urge to pick your nose might result in adverse psychological effects.

5. The protein found in mucus is an essential source of nutrition. A diet that contains a high level of protein is believed by many doctors to be an effective treatment against obesity.

6. Consuming boogers allows a typical, inhibited adult to return to a mode of childlike innocence.

7. Boogers taste good.

A few weird human biology facts.

Find out exactly what happens next.
Find out exactly what happens next.

So you think humans are very weird? You’re correct!

Here’s an amusing page that lists 50 odd facts about that uniquely bizarre species homo sapiens.

One happy example: in the event you are sentenced to be guillotined, you will remain conscious for 15 to 20 seconds after decapitation. (But during that time, you probably won’t remember the half hour you once spent as a single cell. And it won’t matter that your hair is virtually indestructible.)

Be amazed, entertained and perplexed by these draw-dropping facts about YOU!

Super gross: Human body parasite pics!

This is the LEAST disgusting.
This is the LEAST disgusting.

Everyone knows the human body is home not only to trillions of bacteria, but to all sorts of creepy wiggly ugly wormy crabby critters. Many are beneficial; others aren’t.

These certainly aren’t!

WARNING: These pics of parasites are super ultra-disgusting and not for those who sicken or frighten easily.