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Aussie billionaire to clone dinosaurs.

They're more approachable this way.
They’re more approachable this way.

Watching humans being devoured by T. Rex in Jurassic Park wasn’t exciting enough? Fear not! Soon (perhaps) you’ll be able to visit a real dinosaur adventure resort!

Yes, a clever Australian billionaire has announced his intentions to clone some dinosaurs and set them free down under for the amusement of the meaty and moneyed masses. Disneyland will finally have some real competition once the velociraptors and other cuties are roaming about on exhibit. Hopefully there is a backup generator for the electrical fences, and the computer software running the park isn’t sabotaged. And hopefully they pay their software programmers well. When you’ve got billions of dollars, you’d think that would be possible.

Okay, I gotta say it… A fun amusement park filled with living dinosaurs would be the ultimate tourist trap!

Take flight in your own personal jetpack!

Can't find one at Costco yet.
Can’t find one at Costco yet.

Cool! I could use one of these! No need for a car, no need for a garage, no need for roads! And what’s more, no need for a pilot’s license! Sweet!

Drive this baby with just two joysticks. Heck, if you can master semi-complicated video game controls, this oughta be a piece of cake. The one problem I see is refueling. That might prove difficult. Oh, well…