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Scientists say Aquaman was a Martian.

I think this guy is Captain Caveman's sidekick.
I think this guy is Captain Caveman’s sidekick.

Yes, gentle ladies and gentle men, the water-breathing superhero and ruler of Atlantis, Aquaman, was in fact an actual Martian. This tremendous discovery was recently discussed in great detail by astronomers, theorists and other world-renowned experts.

Do you doubt me? In case you missed the news, it has now been absolutely proven that Atlantis was on Mars. Here’s a fascinating article that discusses the findings of these very thorough researchers. I was stunned to learn that King Tut had actually died on a Martian space shuttle. The photo of a highly-detailed “space shuttle” found in an Egyptian tomb convinced me.

I’m not sure whether the esteemed scientists delved into the secret origin of the Martian Manhunter.