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Sign up to colonize Mars.

Make this your new home.
Make this your new home.

Okay wannabe astronauts, now that I have your attention… I actually haven’t figured out where you can sign up for a Mars mission. Sorry. But I DO know where you can prepare yourself mentally: at the Marspedia!

Learn everything you’ll need to know about your future journey to and colonization of the red planet!

Be bold! Go where no one has gone before! Prepare yourself for the ultimate adventure! And you better be very very well-prepared, because to save money and resources, chances are you won’t be returning to Earth!

Spend the remainder of your life on a barren red rock! Melt water ice! Smelt rocks! Avoid dust storms! Eat algae! Oh, boy! Where can I sign up?

Death-defying extreme bouncing.

Now try bouncing 100 feet high in this.
Now try bouncing 100 feet high in this.

What’s more exciting than bungee jumping? Extreme bouncing!

Why has this adrenaline producing sport (or hobby) not been invented?

The concept: Strap yourself securely in a large, inflated, clear plastic bubble. (The bubble behaves like a human-sized ball that is super bouncy.) Have a helpful person roll you off a high vertical cliff. Descend rapidly, while you spin…then you bounce, bounce, bounce…spinning and rocketing this way and that way on an uneven hard rocky surface. Can you imagine? What a ride!

If you think rolling down a steep hill in a tire was thrilling, visualize bouncing like a giant rubber ball up and down hundreds or even thousands of feet! You’d definitely need a good stomach!

Who will be first to do this? I dare you!