Really weird Sex Ed videos.

Every banana should engage in safe sex.
Every banana should engage in safe sex.

Remember taking sex education class back in your school days? Remember those fascinating sex diagrams, the lifelike sex props, strange sex terminology and the giggling discomfort mingled with embarrassing tingles? Well, I bet you never saw sex education vids as bizarre and awkward and fascinating as these

Watch all ten sex ed vids and you’re bound to become a perfect sex expert. Or even more sexually confused, repressed and permanently disturbed…

Strange dogs and cats might be psychic pets!

After being elected President, this psychic cat will now take your questions.
After being elected President, this psychic cat will now take your questions.

Many people have noticed their pets’ uncanny behavior. The amazing ability of a furry, four-legged friend to anticipate their master’s return. A pet’s ability to read the thoughts of their master, or of strangers. Even the ability of a dog or cat to locate their master across long distances without the benefit of a scent to follow.

Pets in many of these remarkable cases may be using a special type of clairvoyance that parapsychologists call “remote viewing”.

Many such instances of animal ESP have been documented on this “psychic animals” website.

There is also ample paranormal evidence that pets have spirits and can return from or communicate from the dead. Hauntings by dearly departed pets are not uncommon.

Do you have a paranormal pet? Here you will also find simple tests to determine if an animal is clairvoyant.

Learn useless stuff with the Uncyclopedia.

No, not the Underwearcyclopedia.
No, not the Underwearcyclopedia.

The Uncyclopedia is the positively useless encyclopedia that any lovable fool can edit.

Some uninformative entries include:

I am better than fish
How To: Use a Public Restroom
Sock’em Bopper Experiment
I wrote this article while drunk
Axis of Evil Hot Dog Eating Competition
Emo Rap
Emperor Galactus of the World and Universe
Generic Theory of Probably Something 2
Unicycle-riding bears
Cable the Larry Guy
Office Worker’s Rant: An Excerpt
Tea and Strumpets
Some guy you’ve never heard of
Pointy Sticks
Commonly Misunderstood Radiohead Lyrics
Fluffy Bunny World

If you need a thoughtful resource on any subject, it would be best to look elsewhere. If you want a good laugh, or to roll your eyes at lots of inane and stupid stuff, check out the Uncyclopedia!

Make paper airplanes, helicopters and frisbees!

That doesn't look like an airplane to me.
That doesn’t look like an airplane to me.

Here’s the definitive guide on how to make lots of different paper airplanes, paper helicopters and paper frisbees, complete with helpful videos.

Because the best origami is aerodynamic!

If you’re a kid, don’t let the teacher see you. And if you’re at work, please make sure the boss doesn’t catch you!

How to bake tasty Banana Worm Bread.

One order of banana worm bread coming up.
One order of banana worm bread coming up.

Are you hungry for something baked that is super yummy and nutritious?

Would you like to make some delicious banana worm bread? Or rootworm beetle dip? Or chocolate cricket chip cookies? Or gourmet bug blox? Sounds really yummy!

Here are the fascinating recipes, and more!

(And make sure you don’t miss the crunchy fried spiders and roasted cicada larvae!)

Real children with amazing super powers.

This baby has an amazing eating superpower.
This baby has an amazing eating superpower.

Here’s a website where people document the amazing super powers they had as children. Or the super powers they BELIEVED that they had.

Some believed they could fly. Others believed they could make clouds move with their mind. Or that they were from another planet. Or that they could lay eggs. Or that they could grow a tail. I, myself, believed I’d melt if I stayed in the bathtub too long, and that I’d go down the drain and end up in some ocean halfway around the world. Fortunately, it never happened.

How future teleportation will really work.

DIY teleportation.
DIY teleportation.

Do you hate dealing with slow drivers and traffic jams during your endless drive to and from work? Are you susceptible to road rage? There’s good news. Perhaps one day you’ll be able to instantaneously teleport to work.

If you don’t mind having your molecules scrambled, teleportation will allow you to effectively go anywhere in the universe in a snap. Head over to the grocery store. Head down to Antarctica. Head up to an orbiting space hotel. Enjoy a stay on one of Jupiter’s moons, or at that new resort in the Andromeda Galaxy. Okay, a couple of these will probably not happen in your lifetime. (Unless science soon solves the riddle of immortality.)

We’ve seen teleportation in Star Trek, but is it for real? Yes! Very recently, some teleportation experiments have been successfully performed, and this website covers the topic thoroughly.

Have fun with your personal submarine.

Just put this in water.
Just put this in water.

Wouldn’t it be awesomely cool to own your own personal submarine?

You can! That is…if you have two million bucks to spare.

Imagine! You could live a free, unfettered, meandering existence like the solitary Captain Nemo in your own small lonely Nautilus. You could visit the ocean’s darkest and gloomiest recesses. You could skulk and hide and declare yourself master of a vast briny universe. You could permanently escape your mother-in-law. It would certainly beat that snorkel you use in the swimming pool.

Some creative ways to avoid paying rent.

No rent required.
No rent required.

Is it true? Is it really possible to avoid paying rent? That is, without staying in the basement at Mom and Dad’s?

Yes! You’ve come to the right place to learn about living super cheap!

There are quite a few ways to put a roof over your head without spending a single penny. Here’s a good list of things you might do. Check it out. Not only can you live rent-free, but you can actually make some money while doing it!

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