It’s good to pick your nose and eat boogers.

Man picks his nose prior to eating a booger.
Man picks his nose prior to eating a booger.

Here are 7 reasons why healthy adults should regularly pick their nose and eat boogers:

1. Rhinotillexis (the extraction of nasal mucus with a finger) followed by mucophagy (the ingestion of this material) is believed by many scientists to provide a natural boost to the immune system.

2. Picking hardened mucus from your nostrils allows more freedom for oxygen to enter the lungs.

3. Removing boogers that contain potentially harmful microbes helps to prevent pathogens from entering your brain.

4. Natural biological inclinations should not be resisted due to an arbitrary cultural norm. Resisting the urge to pick your nose might result in adverse psychological effects.

5. The protein found in mucus is an essential source of nutrition. A diet that contains a high level of protein is believed by many doctors to be an effective treatment against obesity.

6. Consuming boogers allows a typical, inhibited adult to return to a mode of childlike innocence.

7. Boogers taste good.