Misunderstood text message abbreviations.

This text should be abbreviated.
This text should be abbreviated.

These text message abbreviations are often misunderstood:

ttfn ==> ta ta for now

awhfy ==> are we having fun yet?

ggcb ==> good grief charlie brown

acid ==> a crazy ignorant dipshit

adih ==> another day in hell

afahmasp ==> a fool and his money are soon parted

doofus ==> done only on fridays under secrecy

bbamfic ==> big bad ass mother fucker in charge

poahf ==> put on a happy face

fukk ==> foolish, unworthy, knuckleheaded klutz

potato ==> person over thirty acting twenty one

snot ==> style novice over there

puke ==> pucker up kinky elf

tmtowtdi ==> there’s more than one way to do it

krabby ==> killer racks and bodacious babes yonder

stench ==> so that even nitwits can hear

lmkhtwofy ==> let me know how that works out for you

fart ==> fresh and ripe taste

lame ==> let’s all mimic elmo

taco ==> turn and cough only

blah ==> blonde loud asinine hole

dilligas ==> do i look like i give a shit

lshitipal ==> laughing so hard i think i peed a little

hsyrdin ==> holy shit you really did it now

trtftieds ==> that’s really the funniest thing i ever did see

ssistlbts ==> so stupid i started to laugh but then stopped

oatnwttirc ==> only a true nimrod would think that is remotely clever

nittyarttioomm ==> now i’m thinking that you are reading this thinking i’m out of my mind

fu ==> fooled you