Giant picks nose, produces big money at box office.

Disgusting giants capturing a damsel.
Disgusting giants capturing a damsel.

The movie that prominently features a giant picking his nose and eating a booger has become subject of scandalous rumors on the internet.

According to an unnamed source who lives near Hollywood, it’s rumored that studio executives, fretting over a string of recent box office flops, spent hours in committee brainstorming how to draw movie audiences back to theaters. Finally, the idea of a spectacularly hideous CGI giant picking his nose and eating a colossal booger on screen was developed. According to this rumor, the concept was refined and thoroughly polled using dozens of panels comprised of ordinary moviegoers. Once the crucial booger-eating scene was green-lighted, a movie depicting rampaging giants, including one who devours enormous, congealed mucus, was formulated and heavily marketed.

Success. The movie has made millions.