A house made of six million beer bottles.

Basic home building materials.
Basic home building materials.

Perhaps you remember the Six Million Dollar Man. He was fairly awesome. But have you heard of the even more awesome Six Million Beer Bottle House in Argentina? That’s quite a stack of beer bottles!

To drink six million beers, it would take you approximately three years. (Assuming you chug four beers per minute and continue without stopping, even to pee.)

Another interesting factoid: Six million beers would fill approximately one Olympic-size swimming pool.

And here we have some super cool Brazilian guy who can cleverly store all that cold refreshing beer in his house with no problem whatsoever!

Perhaps he’ll install a backyard pool to double his beer storage capacity. That’s a yellowish liquid I wouldn’t mind taking a dip in!

Let’s celebrate human ingenuity by singing a chorus of Six Million Bottles of Beer in the Wall!