Grow worms in your bathtub for profit.

Grow worms effectively in this bathtub.
Grow worms effectively in this bathtub.

One lucrative way to make an extra income is to grow worms in your bathtub.

Worm farmers can sell their wiggling product to bait shops, fishermen, farmers, composters, zoos, landscapers and other assorted clients. A tidy profit can be made with very little expense. But you must attend carefully to your worms.

All you need is your bathtub, starter worms (nightcrawlers or redworms are most common), a dark, warm environment, moisture (a shower head works great), and animal manure. As your worm-raising operation will be located in a bathroom, a strong fan is also recommended.

Once a good crop of earthworms is raised, you can clean out your bathtub and finally take a bath. Then you’ll be ready to begin a new crop.