Luke Skywalker, son of Stephen Hawking?

Ultimate weapon wiped out several thousand galaxies.
Ultimate weapon wiped out several thousand galaxies.

A thoughtful, well-respected anthropologist at University of California-Berkeley recently observed in a popular web magazine that Darth Vader and noted theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking have at least one thing in common. They resemble “brains in a vat”.

This provocative comparison has given rise to numerous conjectures about the possible relationship between the brilliant but semi-robotic Hawking and Luke Skywalker, the son of Anakin Skywalker (known to every true Star Wars fan as the sinister, semi-robotic Darth Vader, architect of the terrifying, planet-disintegrating Death Star.)

Stephen Hawking, the world’s foremost expert on merciless, matter-devouring black holes, devotes much of his profound mental energy to the study of objects that annihilate every planet in their path. Speaking with his unsettling sinister-sounding synthesized voice, Hawking instructs his select disciples on how the entire cosmos just might be wiped out. In fact, it’s quite possible that ruthless, utter destruction is inevitable. It’s all a matter of dark matter.

Darth Vader seemed to have similar dark thoughts.


Fortunately, Luke (and Leia) emerged surprisingly from nowhere to rebalance the Force. Is Hawking’s unknown offspring soon to emerge?