Fan messages to Stickboy of Compressorhead.

Robot with no musical ability.
Robot with no musical ability.

The heavy metal band Compressorhead is taking the world by storm. The robot band, featuring Stickboy on the drums, Fingers on the guitar, and Bones on the bass, has become an international internet sensation in just a few short days.

With his steel mohawk and wicked drumming, Stickboy has emerged as the band’s favorite member. Millions of fans, groupies and geeks are doting over the cybernetic sensation, sending messages to the manic musician of their unequalled affection.

Here are a few excerpts from those messages:

“You rock, metalhead! You’re the real thing!”

“I love your sweet drumming skills. It’s way cool you have four arms. Could you spare a couple for me?”

“You guys have such energy! You make the Strolling Bones look like gaunt, lifeless humans!”

“I dig the mohawk, dude. I’m gonna unscrew my devil horns and screw in some steel spikes.”

“You’re so hot. Once you’re wheeled backstage, can we maybe hookup?”

“I’d really like to see you guys do an Unplugged album.”