Proper nude beach etiquette.

This beach has some large rocks.
This beach has some large rocks.

It’s important to maintain proper etiquette when visiting a nude beach. Here are the rules of proper nudist etiquette when enjoying the sun and surf.

Of course, when nude, it is essential to respect wildlife. I’m so thankful this rule is number one. I have tremendous respect for wild life. When going about nude, one’s very first consideration should be respecting crabs and sand fleas.

Another rule is to get permission when taking those always popular scenic photos. At a nude beach, when you’re photographing the beautiful scenery: the seagulls, surf and sandcastles, make sure you get permission.

Finally, I’m so glad one rule is to carry a towel when using benches or visiting food stands. A proper nudist knows when it is appropriate to use a towel. Let us all be very thoughtful!