Invent a completely new language.

Language creation in progress.
Language creation in progress.

Have conversations become boring? It’s the same old words over and over and over? Are you sick and tired of spouting English, French, Spanish, Chinese and other common languages? Looking for something new and refreshing? Have you already learned Klingon, Elvish, Esperanto, Lojban and Pig Latin–but now you’re bored of them too?

There’s a solution. Devise your very own language!

The creation of completely new languages is called conlanging. (That’s a new word to me!) Your very first step should be a visit to the Language Creation Society website. You’ll find everything you need to begin the detailed construction of your own unique language.

Once your new language is complete–in perhaps ten or twenty years–you can release it to the world and become a linguistic celebrity.

Or you could keep your new language a secret. If it catches on and a whole bunch of people begin to use it, you might quickly become bored of it, too.