How to make a horse into glue.

These horses might face a sticky situation.
These horses might face a sticky situation.

***WARNING*** This is not a parody. This is actually how you make a horse into glue.

How to make horse Hide Glue.

To make hide glue, remove the horse’s hide. Soak it in water. This produces something called stock. Treat the stock with lime, which breaks down the hide. Rinse the hide to remove the lime. Heat the hide in water to exactly 70 degrees Celsius. The glue “liquor” is gradually drawn off as more water is added and the temperature is steadily increased. The glue liquor is then dried and chopped into glue pellets. These pellets become glue when heated in a glue pot.

How to make horse Hoof Glue.

Obtain numerous hooves from numerous dead horses. (You might utilize the rest of the horses for a bunch of hide glue and horse meat and horse hair.) Crush the hooves into smaller bits. Boil these bits in water until all the hoof material is a liquid. Add acid to produce a gel, which is then cooled and allowed to harden into a resin-like material. This is hoof glue. Melt this useful glue obtained from numerous dead horses and you can use it for cabinetry.

Now you know.