Meet the first REAL demon woman.

This female demon is probably a fake.
This female demon is probably a fake.

By demon woman, I don’t mean your ordinary demon woman, I mean a REAL DEMON woman! Is this authentically demonic, or what?

‘Dubbed ‘Vampire Woman’ by the Mexican media, the 35-year-old from Zapopan city in Jalisco state has 98 per cent ink coverage, scores of facial piercings, six teflon implants in her chest and arms, four horns on her head, four fangs, and – since these pictures were taken – a forked tongue. “I’m impersonating Lilith,” she adds.’

I’m not so sure Lilith would’ve approved. Seems a bit over the top. But I suppose this fine lady is always on top!

According to the article, she has four children. Or should I say spawn? I wonder what they think of good ol’ Mom. When she takes them to school, does the school go into lockdown?

The other day I saw a worker at Subway who appeared somewhat similar. But she had blue hair and no fangs. She did serve up my meatball six-incher with gusto! A bit hellish, but who’s complaining?