Most humongous fungus on Earth.

This particular fungus is not humongous.
This particular fungus is not humongous.

There’s a fungus among us! Sorry.

If you’re ever out and about in Oregon’s beautiful Blue Mountains, it’s YOU who will be among the fungus! Because there’s a humongous fungus in them thar hills! A fungus so humongous it encompasses 2,384 acres…that’s 1,665 fungussy football fields! That would make this particular fungus the biggest, hugest, most humongous fungus on Earth. (And you thought your yellow toenails were a big thing!)

The humongous fungus in question is believed to be the largest living organism on Earth, and possibly 8,650 years old. It certainly is one big old fungus! And while Gus might be a fun guy, fungi this humongous isn’t necessarily so fun. Fun to repeat repeatedly, perhaps. If you’re ten years old. Or a bored blogger.