Hong Kong’s palm beach…teepees?

A beautiful day on a Hong Kong beach.
A beautiful day on a Hong Kong beach.

In the event you’re ever in Hong Kong, and you want to stay in a Native American teepee, fortunately there’s an establishment that can meet your needs. Book your stay in a wigwam on Palm Beach!

I’m not sure whether you’ll find any bison roaming about the beach, or any Native Americans for that matter, but who wouldn’t want to travel to Hong Kong just to stay in a tent? It beats packing your own teepee and taking it through airport security. I wouldn’t recommend bringing a tomahawk, either.

I’m beyond excited. I’m making my travel plans now. I wonder if those teepees are furnished with vibrating beds. I’m definitely sending my bow and arrows Fedex. Because Hong Kong is an action-packed metropolis. Those Jackie Chan movies have really inspired me. Wasn’t he in that Asian cowboys and Indians flick?

Weird tourism has never been more…weird.