Sheldon Cooper vs. Kim Jong-un

The deciding factor.
The deciding factor.

Megalomania comes in many flavors. I prefer raspberry.

Now let us consider two known megalomaniacs: Sheldon Cooper and Kim Jong-un. In a fair duel, comparing their attested immensity and their supposed grandiosity, who would win?

Both Kim and Sheldon are intimately connected to a big bang theory. The former is striving to develop technology that will produce a big bang. The latter is the main feature of The Big Bang Theory. Advantage Sheldon.

Both Kim and Sheldon rule over millions. Kim rules a nation of approximately 25 million. Sheldon rules a viewership of a bit over 20 million. Advantage Kim.

Both Kim and Sheldon are aloof and awkward. It’s hard to gauge a person’s aloofness and awkwardness, especially when you’ll never meet them in person, so let’s move on to our next category.

Both Kim and Sheldon vie with God for importance. Kim is seen by numerous humble subjects to be a flesh and blood god. Sheldon’s believes that he alone will achieve a god-like grasp of cosmological truth. Too close to call.

Both Kim and Sheldon are said to be prodigies. Kim, at the young age of 28, assumed the office of Supreme Leader of North Korea. Sheldon, at the age of 16, received his first Ph.D. Apples and oranges.

Both Kim and Sheldon are said to be chick magnets. Kim’s chicks, however, have yet to be publicly viewed. Sheldon, on the other hand, had Penny make him spaghetti with tiny weiner pieces.

Sheldon wins.