How to make a water balloon catapult.

Lay siege to your neighbor's house.
Lay siege to your neighbor’s house.

Summers were loads of fun. As kids we all enjoyed soaking our friends in wild backyard water balloon battles.

We’d fling those jiggly soggy half-filled balloons at each other and hope they’d hit and burst. But you really couldn’t throw them that far without breaking the fragile balloons in your hand and drenching yourself.

Looking back now, I really, really wish I’d known how to make a massively cool water balloon catapult!

In medieval times, besieged castles were attacked with rock-throwing catapults called trebuchets. These nifty contraptions were designed to hurl heavy missiles great distances with remarkable accuracy. In modern times, clever kids who want to toss water balloons (or watermelons or cow paddies) hundreds of feet can build their very own trebuchet following these handy dandy directions.

My advise: if you’re a truly ambitious kid, build a high-powered catapult now before your nemesis next door builds their own castle.