Some really bizarre ancient beliefs.

Seems this beaver lost its testicles.
Seems this beaver lost its testicles.

Eons ago ordinary people like you and me did some remarkable things. They built enormous, mind-blowing pyramids. They carved ginormous heads on a windblown isolated island. They predicted eclipses and other dreadful celestial events with amazing scientific precision. They used fresh puppy urine as an effective facial treatment. Huh?

Yep, folks in the good old days did a few seemingly unusual things. And they had a variety of offbeat beliefs. Here’s an educational (and amusing) website that describes such historical (hysterical?) oddities.

For example, centuries ago Canadians happily devoured beaver testicles for contraception. That makes perfect sense. It’s only logical, right? Just grind up some fresh beaver nuts and put ’em in a strong cocktail and down the medical concoction. Just what the doctor ordered!

Fortunately, if you were to unintentionally swallow some beaver testicle juice, you could reverse the contraceptive effect by having sex with total strangers. That’s because according to another ancient belief, hot steamy coitus with complete strangers made you fertile. Those ancient folks really were profound and enlightened! Seems like they had obvious solutions for every sort of human predicament!