How to leave your body.

Looks pretty simple to me.
Looks pretty simple to me.

Want to have an out of body experience (an OBE) without the slight drawback of having to die first? Well, according to these simple instructions, it can be done!

You don’t have to be Doctor Strange or Doctor Fate or even a medical doctor to go on a mystical astral planing adventure. All you have to do is relax deeply and then attempt to climb a “mental rope”. Easy!

But please, be extremely careful when you’re travelling about the universe (or your bedroom) to avoid nasty demons and malicious spirits. As you might imagine, encountering an evil entity can really be a bummer.

Be warned: nightmarish entities have huge egos and don’t like to be ignored. They’re going to really get in your face. Fortunately, all you have to do is tell them who’s boss, and simply ignore them. Wish I could do that during meetings with my boss. Perhaps if I develop my meditative psychic astral plane abilities, I can leave the room entirely.