Learn useless stuff with the Uncyclopedia.

No, not the Underwearcyclopedia.
No, not the Underwearcyclopedia.

The Uncyclopedia is the positively useless encyclopedia that any lovable fool can edit.

Some uninformative entries include:

I am better than fish
How To: Use a Public Restroom
Sock’em Bopper Experiment
I wrote this article while drunk
Axis of Evil Hot Dog Eating Competition
Emo Rap
Emperor Galactus of the World and Universe
Generic Theory of Probably Something 2
Unicycle-riding bears
Cable the Larry Guy
Office Worker’s Rant: An Excerpt
Tea and Strumpets
Some guy you’ve never heard of
Pointy Sticks
Commonly Misunderstood Radiohead Lyrics
Fluffy Bunny World

If you need a thoughtful resource on any subject, it would be best to look elsewhere. If you want a good laugh, or to roll your eyes at lots of inane and stupid stuff, check out the Uncyclopedia!